A Great Solar Powered Charger

portable solar charger
portable solar charger
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This device is the ultimate in solar power survival tools, there are some great features which make this useful, no doubt there will be something that is forgotten, but a ten in one device has be good, especially with no external power needed.
Unfortunately there are not many details that explain how long the charge works for on the different devices, but never the less it has be a great thing to have around as you never know what’s going to happen.

Priced at $28

AM/FM/Weather Band Radio
Solar Power Recharging
Dynamo Power Charging
Cell Phone Recharging
LED Emergency Lamp
Siren with Blinking Red Light
Built-In Thermometer
Built-In Recharging Batteries

What’s in the Box? Flashlight, Instruction Page, Bi-Directional Plug Cable, 5 Cell Charger Plugs