Dow Corning Erects Solar Panels On Manufacturing Facility

Dow Corning Erects Solar Panels On Manufacturing Facility


Dow Corning has installed more than 1,000 square meters of solar panels on the roof and facades of its office and production buildings at Dow Corning GmbH in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Dow partnered with ESWE, a local utility company that manages an Innovation and Climate Protection fund to support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

The energy generated by the Dow Corning solar panels is fed back into the local electricity grid. In return, the company benefits from subsidies to buy electricity for its own energy needs. Dow Corning Wiesbaden commits to re- invest 30 percent of these subsidies in sustainable energy projects aiming at reducing the site’s total energy consumption.

The solar panel modules were supplied by Photowatt International SAS and contain, no surprise here, Dow Corning PV 1101 SoG Silicon.

A New Kind of Solar Panel


Developers in California are creating solar panels that fit on your roof like tiles. These new panels work just as well as conventional solar panels but blend into the roof more. Although not widely available these panels save money on your electricity bill. Critics of solar tiles point out that they have a lower efficiency and require more space for the same amount of power.

Make your home a solar house


This page by Solar Energy Solutions provides up to date and in detail information on solar panels and other forms of solar energy. It includes informations on what makes up a solar cell and how they generate the clean reliable energy we can use in our homes.

A PV cell, also known as a self-generating barrier layer cell is a PV detector that converts radiant flux straight into electrical current. It consists of a thin silver film on a semiconductor layer deposited on an iron substrate.