Parabolic Troughs Made More Energy Efficient


Science Daily provides an interesting article on an invention created by Rich Diver that may soon make parabolic troughs (one of the most popular and widely used solar collectors) more affordable and energy efficient.

Diver’s new theoretical overlay photographic (TOP) technology is drawing interest from the solar industry because of its simplicity and the need to find solutions for global warming.

What’s a Watt?


We are confronted every day by the notions of energy and power: cars and motors are sold by horsepower, light bulbs by watts, natural gas by therms, electricity by kilowatt-hours, and air conditioners by tons or BTUs per hour. Is energy the same as power? If not, what’s the difference, and how do all of these units relate to each other?

Use this interactive calculator to simply find out how energy is measured, consumed, and used.