How Residential Solar Power Works

When your system generates more electricity than you’re consuming, your utility meter will actually spin backwards. You accrue credit with your utility company at the same rate they are charging you. This allows you to reduce your electric bill and drive it toward zero. Borregro Solar explains step-by-step the process of transforming sunlight into electricity […]

Why Solar?

How are those big shiny panels on the roof (or on your calculator or emergency street lights) actually generating electricity? The University of Texas at Austin Architecture and Engineering takes a looks at the basics of solar power and why energy from the sun is the next big thing.

The Future of Solar

For billions of years, the sun has poured out huge amounts of energy in several forms, including light, heat, radio waves, and even x-rays. Now is the time we can use this energy for the good of our planet. Re-Energy provides links, downloads, and information on do-it-yourself solar power and the future of solar energy […]