Dropps Liquid Laundry Pacs

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Groovygreen reviews over Dropps, a new and innovative way to wash your laundry that will help with saving water, reducing gas emissions, and etc.

Dropps’ motto is “Conservation, Convenience, Results”. They have come up with a unique way of reducing the water content of their detergent, which in turn has reduced the amount of plastic needed in the packaging. The 10 oz. bag contains 20 pacs, each pac containing 0.5 oz of ultra-concentrated laundry detergent. The Dropp is added directly to the wash water, dissolving slowly to add the detergent.

I was initially concerned that the Dropp might dissolve quickly, leaving behind a detergent residue on the clothing, but after 4 loads, I see no evidence of that happening. I also thought that 1 Dropp pac might not be powerful enough for a full load of laundry
...Our clothes came out smelling fresh and clean. I did notice less suds during the agitation cycle, but as the clothes were rinsed the drain water was fairly sudsy. The amount of suds in the water seemed to have no correlation to the cleanliness of the clothes.

...Beyond convenient, the small size of the Dropps and their lightweight do mean less water weight to transport, and less fuel burned.