NYC Becoming the Big Green Apple

NYC traffic - NYC Becoming a Big "Green" Apple
Seeinggreen reports on New York City taking a path of green, and saying enough to daily traffic jams that pump unhealthy pollution and greenhouse gases into the air.

It will begin with the yellow swarm of taxis that surges through the streets of NYC every day. Those taxis are about to turn green, and I don't mean they will get a new paint-job.

Under the mayor's plan, the entire fleet of 13,000 yellow cabs will change over to hybrids as they are replaced over the next 5 years. That makes good environmental sense and good business sense.

Most cabs today are Ford Crown Victorias, which get a measly 14 miles per gallon. Ratcheting up fuel efficiency to 30 miles per gallon would save the average taxi operator about $10,000 a year.

What's good for New York could be good for the rest of the country. Cities emit 75% of the world's global warming pollution. Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and other cities have taken steps to implement a variety of green practices. We hope Houston, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas and Phoenix will be the next cities to implement a green plan for reducing CO2 and air pollution....

It will also make the air much healthier. Vehicles stuck in traffic can emit three times the pollution of cars moving freely. In fact, after London instituted congestion pricing in 2003, vehicle emissions fell by up to 20%.

Congestion pricing is just one piece of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's visionary plan to clean up the air and reduce greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2030. The "greenprint" covers everything from creating parks to making buildings more energy efficient.