The Ultimate Green Mass Transit

Seeinggreen reports on environment friendly transportation for a big mass of people. Maglev trains are an option of mass-transit that have zero pollution and are up and coming as an efficient and green way to commute.

Now some would say the ultimate green transportation is a bicycle. I'd probably agree. Yet when we talk about moving large groups of people, what we call "mass-transit", there actually is one that uses virtually no oil, no gases and no fuels that can contaminate or pollute. It is already a success in some parts of the world and its future seems very large and fast-coming.

According to one of the most talented financial and investment analysts I personally know, Puru Saxena, in the latest edition of his fascinating publication "Money Matters" (, writes "I have given a lot of thought to the future of our transportation system which is heavily dependent on crude oil. I happen to believe that the prospects of the airline industry are grim at best and perhaps magnetically-levitated trains (Maglev) will be very much our future.

"Maglev trains are suspended, guided and propelled using electromagnetic energy and can reach amazing
speeds with zero pollution... At present, this technology is expensive and not suitable for international travel over water bodies. However, in the future, perhaps it may be possible to modify maglev trains so that they float over water, something already being done by the ferries operating between Macau and Hong Kong. In any case, maglev trains represent exceptional investment opportunities for the long-term investor."