Green power supplies could dwarf all other power saving efforts

Power Chip

Data centers are continually increasing in power consumption and any improvement in efficiency makes a big difference on the bottom line and on pollution and CO2 emissions. Marvell has produced a chip that regulates, cleans, and makes more efficient the power used by electronic components and computers.

Indianapolis IN - How much of our input electricity is wasted as heat in the A/C to D/C power conversion? Inefficient power supplies can be the single biggest component keeping our "green computers" from achieving their full levels of greenness. A company called Marvell, a member of Climate Savers, has brought forth a new chip which addresses that power gap.

Inverter technology
Marvell has produced CMOS-based 88EM80xx power converter chips, 88EM8041 for the desktop, 88EM8011 for the notebook. These are used, basically, to receive A/C wall outlet power and correct it on the fly to whatever power form is required by the rest of the device. These chips can receive 90 VAC to 260 VAC input, and will manipulate and correct the A/C waveform, including amperage, to produce a constant, smooth 120 VAC output or 240 VAC, depending on model at up to 250 watts max per chip. The chips can be put in parallel to increase in steps to 500, 750, 1000, etc.

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